Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knittus Interruptus

Yes, knitting has taken a back seat this past week.  I've worked a little on the Evenstar Shawl, but that's about it.  I've hit one of those knitting walls - too many projects on the needles and not getting the satisfaction of finishing any of them.  Plus, there was this little item...
Sigh...ouchie index finger joint.  Very ouchie.  Ouchie enough that I began  having visions of Grandma Young's hands after years of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.  I've really been softpedaling the knitting this week, and am happy to say, the joint is almost NOT ouchie now.  Yay...

So...what have I been doing?  Well, for most of the past week, I've been waltzing with bookcases.  Reorganizing my room, making it more functional to the things I do.  I've given up on the room ever being able to contain ALL my interests, but I've been able to focus on the "big" needs:  office, knitting area, reading area, music area.  We live in a small house, and I'm blessed that we have a big finished attic to use as a bedroom so that we can use the two smaller downstairs bedrooms for our personal rooms.  After much huffing, puffing, and shoving of furniture, this is my room. I have no before pictures...it was just everything pushed up against walls and lots of piles of stuff in the middle - kind of like a bizarre layered salad.
The Office/Music area (gonna put Elfa shelves on that wall behind the keyboard)

The Music area (need to reframe and hang that cool poster).

The Reading/Knitting nook

While I was doing all this, I rediscovered some of my favorite things...
Picture of Dad (about six years old)

The top to my parents' wedding cake
Dad's old aviator sunglasses

An old wine glass filled with miscellaneous rocks, shells and other treasures

And this...
You want a close-up of that scroll?  It's pretty wild!


There's a story behind this fiddle...it belonged to the man 2nd from the left in this picture:
That's my great-grandfather, John Wesley Stoner.  My grandma is standing next to him.  Yup, I have my great grandfather's fiddle (got his Bible, too).  The fiddle...it's playable (thanks to two wonderful friends, Jan and Linda), but the neck is pretty crooked, so when you play the G string, you are kind of skating on the thin edge of infinity.  Still...it's a joy.

There will be more knitting to report on next time, I promise.  But, here is one beautiful, amazing piece of fiber-related wonder that landed in my mailbox yesterday thanks to Denise from Lost City Knits:
This yarn is Heaven on a Skein...  She also threw in an amazing cake of soap from her lavender business, Clear Creek Lavender.  I will never use this soap.  It is going to sit on my desk so I can periodically pick it up and inhale the wondrous fragrance of lavender.  It has even inspired me to plant some lavender in my own little weedpatch of a yard.  One should never be without the fragrance of lavender.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Mother's Day post.  I had no idea how much that post would wreck me emotionally, setting off a whole new wave of "WAAAAAHHHHH!!!  I miss my Mom!!!", over ten years after her passing.  Ours was a complicated and extremely difficult relationship until the last ten or so years of her life, when it was everything I think we both ever wanted it to be.  I wanted to focus on that - on the fact that, even in the hardest times of our relationship, if we were together, there would be laughter.  We would find a way.  I know I will never again laugh so hard that I fall through a big rack of coats in the middle of Wal-Mart.  But, in spite of everything that came before, that's how I'll always remember times with my mother...


  1. It may be a ganglion cyst. Ouch!!! I developed one after knitting too much. They eventually go away.

  2. Ah, the joys of growing old :) My pain is my lower back - at least it doesn't interfere with my knitting. Cool "me space" you have!

  3. My chiropractor keeps my hands and wrists knitting..... and Glucosamine!
    Cleaning must have been in the air. Got the sewing area put back to normal this week too!

  4. Oh, how wonderful. I love the shade of green on your walls. It looks fabulous!

    I hope your finger is better soon. :-)

  5. For me it's the left shoulder back. A few days rest usually cures it. You have some wonderful family photo treasures.