Monday, March 15, 2010


As you can see, I'm playing around a little with my blog design.  I'm not far enough into either of my shawls to take a great closeup for my background and, frankly, I couldn't stand looking at that wintery yarn (lovely as it may be...) one more second.  This just felt fresh and hopeful and...springy!  I still need to do some more housekeeping, such as adding all the cool blogs I've become hooked on.  But this feels good to me - what do you think?

I'm moving terribly slow today.  The time change has kicked my butt in a big way.  Spent most of the weekend knitting.  Made major progress on the Evenstar Shawl KAL - Clue #3 came out Friday and I'm over halfway through Clue #2, thanks to the (very!) liberal use of lifelines.  I'm through section A of the Brandywine Shawl and a little bit into section B.  This shawl is a blast to knit, and I'm liking the pastel-y yarn more and more with every row.  It's very gray and gloomy here today, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.  I'll try to get some pics then!

My agenda for the rest of the afternoon consists of working on all the choral music I have to learn.  More about that in another post...a few more tidbits to add, too.  My list of things to post about is getting ridiculously long!

Wilbur sez, "So tell me...what did YOU do this weekend?"

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  1. That Wilbur is one handsome guy. And such a talented mother. I want to know more about your blanket made out of squares. I am desperately trying to get sufficiently into a scarf that I can feel the thrill of making real progress.