Monday, March 22, 2010

It's like Wrestlemania...(minus the fat guys in spandex)


Don't even ask me how this happened...I don't know.  Here's the rundown:

Brandywine Shawl  
Not really a lot to show on this one except the garter stitch center panel is widening.  It's going well,and I'm enjoying it.  Took this one to Knorthside Knitters last night and got two pattern repeats done.

Evenstar Shawl KAL
Clue #4 comes out on Friday, and I'm ready!!!  Got caught up yesterday afternoon.  I didn't really enjoy knitting the mesh in Clue #3, but I love the way it looks now it's done.

Last week, I ordered this: 

And what do you do with yarn like this?  You make a shawl!!!

My pick?  Shui Kuen Kozinski's Luna Moth Shawl!  This shawl starts at the neckline, and I wanted to start with red, so I rewound the ball.  Silly me...was too anxious to start knitting to take a picture before I started, but here's how the ball looks now:  

I don't know why...I just thought that was really cool.

I worked on this shawl most of the day today, finished chart A and the first repeat of chart B.  I think it will be really spectacular when it's finished! 

And if that's not enough, I've ordered some gorgeous green lace yarn from Greece of all places, and I'm planning to start Anne Hanson's Pine and Ivy Shawl!

That makes..four...shawls...yikes...  Oh and there's a fifth one I have my eye's going to be a HUGE undertaking, so I'm restraining myself until I get at least two of these completed.  I won't even tell you which one right now.  It'll only urge me on...

It was a beautiful weekend here in Ohio.  Wilbur and I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine.  Today...cold and rain...had to (temporarily!) put the sandals away and break out the wooly socks for a few days.  Still, spring is officially here, so the cold can't last too long... can it?????


  1. You have some magic fingers. Even with a plane ride i couldn't get a baby flap hat done! Then again I almost missed both flights! May have been a concentration issue!! LOL!!

  2. wow, that rainbow yarn is really neat. I like seeing how its transformed from inside out when you wound it up.

  3. Lovely shawls! I need to get my shawl mojo going again. In the early spring the warm days are heaven, but there's great comfort in having wool socks to fall back on.