Monday, April 12, 2010

They're laughing at me, you know...

My mother and my grandmothers, those goddesses of all things involving fabric, thread or fiber...they're having a good long chuckle right now.  Can't you hear them????  Listen!!! 

Ok...maybe not, but it wouldn't surprise me.  I think they're playing a colossal cosmic trick on me from beyond the grave.  Why else would every button I choose from the family button box - chosen to honor all of them, mind you - have exactly ONE less button than I need for whatever project I'm working on???  Just look at this:
This is payback for all those years I spent playing army with the guys, chasing down birds and frogs and snakes and bringing them home instead of sitting quietly by the sides of the needlewomen in my life and learning my craft from them.  I am cursed to always have one less button than what I need!

I could just go out and buy buttons, it's true...but I really like to use the buttons handed down to me as much as I can.  And I really had some great button ideas for this project, Mavis Adams' Button-Up Neck Warmer.  In the end, though I couldn't use any of the cool green buttons I wanted, I was able to settle on these...and my quickie Grapevine neck warmer was a success
In other knitterly news, I spent some time on the Luna Moth Shawl and finally got out of that "make me constantly crave mac & cheese orange" shade and into true yellow, soon to be green.  It's hard to see the color change right now, but once I get a little ways into the green, I'll post a pic of my progress.

I also started knitting on the Citron Shawl, and I'm lovin' it!!  I decided to use that Crystal Palace Mini Mochi I had lying around.  Yes...that yarn I hated so much after knitting the Pretty Thing cowl with it.  May I change my mind???  On #7 needles and using the Citron Shawl pattern, the Mini Mochi is an absolute dream!!  I'm already planning two other Citrons using some other colorways of Mini Mochi - I am in love!!!
Tomorrow...or if I have time today...I'll work a little more on Brandywine and try to get my first sock finished.  Now it's off to eat an early dinner, take Wilbur for a walk, then Harmony Project rehearsal (and I really need to tell you about THAT!).  Happy knitting, happy spring!


  1. I think it is hilarious that there is always one button short for your project. I love the hunt for buttons.

    That citron shawl....I may have to knit that one as well. It is so simple and elegant.

  2. I say mix those button up!! You have multi colored yarn -- multi colored buttons! Three different buttons would be neat!!

  3. Hahaha!!! I have the EXACT same problem with the family Bucket-O-Buttons I *cough*stole*cough* from my mother!