Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanna see a butterfly???

Wanna see another butterfly???
So what's up with the butterflies?  Well...they're part of...
Drum roll, trumpet fanfare and confetti...MY FIRST SOCK IS FINISHED!!!!  Wooooo-hooooo!!!!!
Here are a couple more pics...I'm so proud!
Oh, and here's my favorite part!
I love that cute little edging!

In the end, I gave up on that 9" HiyaHiya circ and went back to the dpns.  There just wasn't enough room to maneuver, especially when I was using the cable needle, too.  I have an 11" circ on order and will try it with the second sock (the toe of which is finished - trying to finish the "April" sock in...well...April).

It fits great and feels so comfy...can't wait to have an actual pair.  LOL!!!  Oh...and in the two pics, the sock is on my hand.  I am a yogi, and I am pretty flexible, but even I couldn't get into whatever position would be necessary to accomplish what it looks like I'm doing in the bottom picture.

Now, off to knock off a bunch of rows on the Evenstar Shawl...I'm dreadfully behind on it, and Clue #6 comes out tomorrow.  Yikes!!!

Happy Earth Day - get yerself out there and give the planet a big sloppy smooch!!!


  1. Whoooo hoooo is right. Congrats on the finish. Sock #1 is lovely!

    Such pretty tulips. Are they yours?

    In honor of Earth Day, I did not use the car today.

    We will use the car tonight, but still --- not using it today saved me probably 1/2 gallon of gas.

  2. Great socks, Laurie. I admire knitters who make fancy socks.

  3. OMG so cuuuuuuute!!! Awesome socks! so purty!

  4. That is an advanced first pair of socks! I am impressed!

  5. Wow what a sock for your first pair!! So lovely!!

  6. What splendid butterflies! Love the tulips too.

  7. Your first sock?! Awesome job! The butterfly is so pretty. Perfect for spring.