Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early Spring???

This morning, we woke up to snow. Not much, maybe a half inch. At the same time Buckeye Chuck, Ohio's official groundhog, did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring. I could handle this. It's been a mighty cold winter!

So I found this nifty little tool that tells everyone how many yards I've knit so far this year. What would be an even niftier little tool is one that tells how many yards of yarn I've PURCHASED so far. Yesterday I made my maiden voyage to Wonderknit and increased my stash by...oh, about 1,000 or so yards.

I picked up two skeins of Cascade Yarns Rustic in the olive green colorway. I love the shimmery effect of the linen. Then the Aslan Trends Santa Fe in the World Oceans colorway called to me, and I grabbed four skeins. I'm now waiting for the yarns to decide what they want to become as I continue working on my Ten Stitch Blanket which is probably close to 75% complete...unless I decide to buy another ball of Marble Chunky and make it larger (a distinct possibility...).

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  1. Hi Lauri! Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I always wonder how people find me :)

    Your dog is beautiful! The funny this about Sawyer is I had a DNA test done on him and he's a mix of golden retriever & german shepherd. Thought for sure there was some collie/border collie in the mix. Anyway he's doing well, but still thinks when I leave in the AM, he gets to go along to daycare. Poor guy.

    I look forward to following your knitting excapades.