Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ravelympics Day 3: She Knits!!!!

It's a brand new day, and what a difference one day can make!! Woke up this morning to a hungry, happy, NON-burpy Wilbur who snarfed up some rice and chicken breast then went off to play happily with his toys.

We got about a foot of new snow from yesterday's storm, and snow showers are still passing through. Could get another couple inches before morning. How much snow do we have? Here's a picture of the crummy old junk table that we should throw away but I keep hanging onto because it makes a fairly good potting bench. Check out the snow depth!

We also have some serious ice damming in our gutters, as evidenced by the view out the side window in the living room. YIKES!!!

P worked from home today because of the weather. Wilbur spent the afternoon snoozing in his chair in P's room while he worked, happy and burp-free (Wilbur, that is. I can't vouch for P's happiness or burp level.).

And me? I got some serious knitting done today on the Long Forgotten Yarn Scarf that I'm working on for the Ravelympics. I think I got about 40 rows done this afternoon between loads of laundry. I'm really enjoying this pattern now, and my yarn is doing a Sally Field routine as I knit: "You LIKE me!!! After 25 years crammed in a plastic bag in the basement, you REALLY, REALLY LIKE ME!!!!" Yes, blue slubby cotton yarn, we've had our issues to work out, but I DO like you!

Here's a closeup of the stitch detail:

The beef stew is simmering on the stove, and I'm headed out to do a little shoveling while I mull over tomorrow's post - How I Became A Knitter.

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  1. L*O*V*E your snow! Had to leave a note on a fellow "Laurie's" page!
    KNIT ON!!