Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recipe for a Migraine

Take 1 happy, friendly dog
add 1 cable TV technician who is clearly uncomfortable around dogs
put them together in a very small house for 3 hours
Owner of house and said happy, friendly dog will develop migraine within one hour.

Such is my day today... I tried deflecting my stress by knitting away on the Ten-Stitch (Knitting Around Corners is a Blast!) Blanket, telling myself, "Yes, I'm having FUN knitting around these corners! There's NOTHING to be stressed about not a darned...hey! Wilbur!!!! Leave him alone!!!".

By the time the cable dude left, I had supposedly finished the blanket (at least I was finished with the last skein of yarn). I ate some lunch, took a very long nap (3 hours long!), stumbled back downstairs and looked at the blanket...and decided it was too small. No decision, really, it's only about 32x36. So I ordered two more balls of Marble Chunky from Paradise Fibers...and how awesome are these people????? I'll tell you - the yarn is ALREADY ON ITS WAY!!!! I should be back to knitting around corners in less than a week.

In the meantime, I've kept my promise to myself to work on the Christmas Tree Skirt. This is a fun project, but it doesn't have to be done till, there's no rush. I'm going to complete a set of red/green wedges between projects till it's done...or till I have to panic and madly knit in time to get it under the tree.

Then...I'm grabbing the gorgeous Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn I just bought a couple weeks ago and start working on The Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing. I figure I can probably at least get an inch or so done tonight, and it will be a welcome relief from the blanket and tree skirt.

I had planned to join the Clintonville KnitGang for their weekly get-together this evening, but the post-migraine fatigue and the "is it coming back?" anxiety are keeping me holed up in the house, pot o' chili simmering on the stove, snoogly puppy at my side, knitting my troubles away. Tomorrow should be a better day.

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