Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, what a tangled tale...

It seems that life keeps cutting into my valuable knitting time lately. The most recent intrusion...researching home-cooked food for my dog. Yes, Wilbur the Wonderbeastie has developed a terribly sensitive tummy and, after a huge vet bill and a week of feeding him prescription food and having him STILL burping and shooting gross stuff out of his nose, I decided to take matters into my own hands. It's sad that my dog and I are sharing the Prilosec these days, but that's the fact of the matter. I'm boiling up brown rice and stirring in some boiled chicken breast, he's gobbling it down and, most importantly, keeping it down...but I know I need to do more. He needs some supplements to make this a complete diet. So...I'm researching...Pitcairn...Strombeck...Messonier.

In the little bit of knitting time I did have yesterday, I had this thought...which came first...the yarn or the pattern? In my younger knitting years, I would always find a pattern I liked, go buy the yarn and start knitting. These days I'm much more likely to grab up a yarn that catches my eye, bring it home and let the magic happen...what does the yarn say it wants to be? Sometimes it takes days or weeks to make its decision but it never fails. One day I'll look at it, and it will say "scarf" or "blanket", and I'm on my way to find or design the pattern. Intuitive knitting...let the yarn speak. What comes first in your projects, the pattern or the yarn?

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